Online Boutique now LIVE
To celebrate the launch of The Boutique, Caroline Groves' most popular bespoke ankle boot design is now available in standard sizes on our website.

"Rokocha" means "Contemplation in a Tea Garden" and is one of the traditional Japanese colours. We searched for an evocative name for this unusual brown, with its character, earthiness and richness of tones that go well with blacks and browns and so many other colours. Why not wear with a tea-dress, or jeans?

These boots have hand sewn welts and hand stitched soles at 14 to the inch. This work is very rare - high heels and held-welting. There are very few craftsmen working to this standard in the world. All edges are meticulously hand-finished to the craftsman's own particular methods, a laborious process involving many stages and techniques honed over time.

The heels are a quintessential Caroline Groves look - a 9 cm high leather-covered wooden Louis heel.

Italian duchess silk linings in emerald add a sensuous couture experience when fitted close to the ankle. 

Every boot features hand-stitched stays. Caroline Groves does not use any man-made reinforcements in the construction.

Look out for further additions to the Boutique as Christmas approaches!

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