Experience the Pleasure - Part 2: Value and Provenance
In a new series of blog posts we focus on different aspects of the bespoke experience and what it offers over mainstream retail. Here we look at what clients value most about bespoke shoes - their provenance.

Value means different things to different people. Is there more value in a good book, the same book beautifully bound, or a first edition fine-binding of the same book, passed down through generations? That, by extension, is the difference between a shoe and a Caroline Groves shoe. It is all about the object that is as likely to sit on a mantelpiece as in a cupboard.

Imagine elements of that first edition, perhaps special words that jumped off the page, in beautiful calligraphy, accompanying you wherever you went. What if just by looking down at your feet - the reference to a song or poem or artwork known only to you, appeared as a subtle reminder or comfort?

Caroline’s work is often described as having a ‘vintage’ look. This is not intentional, but rather demonstrates that true style, true quality, is in fact timeless. Caroline’s shoes are not decorated shoes, they are decorations in themselves.

A well-known American client once commissioned a series of shoes documenting the story of her life. The trust required to open one’s life in such a way cannot be underestimated, and is not taken lightly.

Another client asked Caroline to represent her Persian heritage, in the form of Peri fairies, mythological winged spirits known for their beauty and mischief. Caroline cleverly incorporated the client’s already extensive collection of shoes on the feet of these naughty fairies..

Butterfly Web was inspired by a client’s love for the work of illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. 

Each pair tells a story. Each pair tells the wearer’s story. 

What is your story? Let us help you tell it.

In Part 3 we will look at Craftsmanship.

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