Bespoke Experience
Your custom commission is the ultimate expression of your individual style

The joy of owning a custom-made pair of boots or shoes comes from the couture experience of commissioning a design that uniquely reflects your personality and desires, as well as the pleasure of wearing something distinctive and exclusive that is made just for you.

As one of the last remaining artisans in her field, drawing upon her family's generational experience as master craftsmen, visiting her in her studio was a door into another world - where bespoke ideas are cut, stitched and carved into being by hand....the boots she made for me should probably be in a museum..."
Aimee Mullins
Caroline personally visits New York and Los Angeles twice a year to see private clients. Appointments are also available worldwide according to our client’s needs.
Plenty of time is set aside for each client, in order to learn about you and your particular sense of style and create a design that truly reflects you.
Caroline will guide you through the design possibilities and process, show you samples of leather and fabrics, take measurements and discuss preferred heel shape and height, toe shape, trimmings, and any personal, meaningful design details you may wish to incorporate.  We sometimes collaborate with specialist craftspeople to commission unique embellishments.
For our international clients, fittings take place either in person at the next appointment (preferable for a first-time client) or we can send you your shoes by post.
When in England, many clients look forward to visiting the Caroline Groves Atelier in its beautiful North Cotswolds setting, or arrange an appointment in London.
At the Atelier, you can view the artisan workshop and discover the whole process of design, starting with the lasts, to seeing where the master craftsmen hand-sculpt your boots or shoes.
We can also arrange a special day out incorporating a personal tour of the studio and a talk tailored to your interests on specific aspects of history of shoes and costume, leatherwork or the art and craft of shoemaking. Tap into Caroline's wealth of knowledge of local craft and history - she comes from a long line of craftsmen directly descended from C.R. Ashbee's Arts and Crafts movement.
Additionally, we offer private Wardrobe Days, where Caroline will design a complete range of shoes and boots for every occasion, exclusively tailored to suit your existing wardrobe and lifestyle. This is the perfect luxury gift for a loved-one, or a well-deserved indulgence for yourself.
Explore our library of previous commissions and iconic styles.
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